Extended Hours for Finals

December 04, 2019

Extended Hours for Finals

Starting on Friday December 6th, the Law Library will have extended hours for finals period.  For more detail, check out our detailed hours.

From the Archives: A New Library, 26 Years Ago

December 03, 2019

From the Archives: A New Library, 26 Years Ago

Twenty-six years ago today (December 3rd, 1993), the plans for a new Law Library building were revealed to the BCLS student body via an article in the student newspaper The Alledger. 

Until 1996, the BC Law Library was housed in the Kenny-Cottle building behind Barat House (where overflow materials from O'Neill library are currently stored). Moving the library entailed constructing an entire new building, the plans for which Marc Verzani, 2L, describes in detail in his article.

Verzani does note that the plans were still subject to change in 1993.  For example, no pay phones were ever installed in the library (despite Verzani's hopes), although one was placed in a small room outside of the library front doors.  And some details have changed since the library was built, such as the change from our old copy machines to the three KIC scanning stations now on the second and third floors.  But no worries: we do indeed still have bathrooms and water fountains on every floor!

Take a look at the full article below, and check out the original issue (Volume 14, no. 4) over in our digital archive: https://lawdigitalcommons.bc.edu/alledger/

Text of article from The Alledger about the new Law Library building.

Text from the article about the Law Library, continued.

Text from the article about the Law Library, concluded.

Online Study Aids

December 02, 2019

Online Study Aids

The Law Library has all of the latest edition of E&Es on permanent reserve.  Did you know they can also be accessed online?  Check out our A-Z Database List for access to the Wolters Kluwer Online Study Aid Library which also includes Casenote Legal Briefs, Crunchtime, and Emanuel Outlines!

Thanksgiving Break Hours

November 26, 2019

Thanksgiving Break Hours

The Law Library will have reduced hours over the Thanksgiving holiday.  We hope everyone has a wonderful break and Thanksgiving! 

  • Wednesday, Nov. 27: 7:30am - 3pm|

  • Thursday, Nov. 28: CLOSED|

  • Friday, Nov. 29: 9am - 5pm|

  • Saturday, Nov. 30: 9am - 5pm|

  • Sunday, Dec 01: 10am - 11:45pm

UIS Online

November 15, 2019

UIS Online

Did you know that you can register for classes using UIS online?  Visit registration.bc.edu for access.  For more help, please visit the Student Computing Help Center.

A Treat from the Archives...

November 13, 2019

A Treat from the Archives...

Our recent exhibit on food law reminded one of the Law Librarians of this treasure hiding in her office: a cookbook put together by the Southern New England Law Librarians Association back in 1983! 

Cover of cookbook, titled "Cooks' Reports." The cover image is of an idyllic small New England farm town.

The volume, Cooks' Reports, (not to be confused with Coke's Reports) collects a variety of recipes from law librarians and lawyers throughout New England. We've collected a few of our favorites* for you to peruse below:

Recipe for Dandelion Wine. Recipe ends with the statement: "One glass a day is the dose. (my grat-aunt's recipe doesn't say what for."
Recipe for "Old Hartford Election Cake," which was traditionally served on Election Day in early New England.
Recipe for Raisin Potpourri. The author explains: "This recipe came about when I awoke in the middle of the night and remembered that I had promised to bring a goody to a party in one of our offices the next morning."Recipe for "Jellied Cranberry Wine Salad," made from crushed pineapple, walnuts, and whole cranberries suspended in rasberry gelatin mixed with burgundy.Recipe for Stuffed Grapefruit. Recipe involves combining grapefruit flesh with organge juice, avocado, and shrimp.

Recipe for Elderberry Wine. Recipe ends with an unsourced quote: "This is the than-whicher there is no than which."

And, of course, we would be negligent to leave out Arthur Charpentier's definitive account of the proper way to prepare a lobster!

A long and detailed story outlining the best way to steam - not boil - a lobster.

 *NOTE: all recipes have been selected primarily for novelty and/or commentary, and have not been tested by the current library staff.  If you do try making any of these, leave a comment to let us know how it turned out!